cam wickens

age  17

height  6' 1

weight  83 kg  (of muscle)

favourite wave  i love surfing in france,V V F and Bunkers

best board   5' 11'' diplock velvet, goes in  absolutely anything wether its 1ft slop to 6ft barrels and always generates speed

favourite manoeuvre - reverses or reo's

favourite  food -  Pasty

favourite genre music -  drum and bass

favourite toy          my car is so good to get around to different beaches

other hobby's     skating ,  gig rowing, gym ,football, rugby,swimming, life guarding

other stuff

i moved to Cornwall from London around 9 years ago when i was 8 and had my first surfing lesson in my first summer living here, as soon stood up i was addicted to it. and soon after got my first 6' 8'' fibreglass surfboard.i have never stopped surfing since, and absolutely love it. i picked my first sponsor when i was 13  which was Amplotude Clothing  and went on a surf trip to Portugal, after getting them and soon after coming back got hooked up with protest board wear, and have been with them ever since  .