About Us

I started surfing in 1979 on a homemade kneeboard; I was hooked the moment my dad made it.

My first surf was on it at Daymer Bay which is just around the corner from Polzeath, its a soft breaking log wave, not ideally suited to a kneeboard, but I didn’t know any better in those days, and from that day on at Daymer it was surfing.

I got interested in making boards on my first trip to Oz in 1987 . When I came back I worked for our local shaper at that time learning the basics, earning just enough for the next surf trip. I was there for several years then moved on and got work with Ocean Magic. Here I production shaped for seven years, learning the finer details of shaping across the whole range of surfboards from kite boards, kneeboards, to eleven foot mals.

Now on my own I’ve teamed up with Paul Fluin who is an extremely talented board builder, in doing so we have created an unsurpassed dream team, producing high quality surfboards for all shapes, sizes and styles.

A lot of the inspiration for making boards comes from the people we worked with along my long road, some of them glassers, shapers, designers, sanders, and sprayers. They all contribute to the finished board without them it would’t work and heres a few names we’ve been fortunate to rub shoulders with: Albert Whiteman, Errol Hickman, Phil Northey, Larry Loggins, Rich Pavel, Mandala, Nigel Semmens, Matt Biolos, Simon Lockley, Daz Needham, Brian Bulkley.